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Letter to the Editor: Pinal County residents have much for which to be grateful

Letter to the Editor: Pinal County residents have much for which to be grateful

Following our recent election, as 2018 draws to a close it is not an exaggeration to say that Pinal County residents have much for which to be grateful.

Despite illogical political reward to candidates who fail to represent one’s best interests, we’ve generally survived the over-heated campaigns.

Nonetheless we do end the year with a somber realization of our county’s existential dependence on the quality and quantity of water.

The topic of water remains a major challenge for county residents in an unprecedented form that merits concern by all of us.

Concern by residents about the quality of domestic water, concern by farmers about the quantity of water, concern by developers about availability of water.

And concern by this Board of Supervisors about managing, planning and diversifying our economy for sustainable growth. A concern that becomes more immediate because of welcome effects poised by ongoing criminal justice reform that will surely affect Pinal County’s economic base.

Admittedly some of the political changes we saw in this past month’s elections offers hope for responsiveness to some of our county’s important needs especially in utilities regulation and protection of our public education system.

What remains, however, is the lack of major change in composition of state legislators whose responsiveness to our county’s needs is at best questionable.

County residents must become more involved in seeking accountability from legislators who are seemingly unaware that our county needs help from state and federal resources for basic quality-of-life issues.

Chief among these are affordable health care, adequate public education funding, infrastructure improvements to facilitate safe and efficient transportation, job creation, and protection of our natural environment.

As taxpayers we should all seek opportunities to constructively work with our Board of Supervisors to efficiently build a better county in which to raise families, grow businesses, and welcome new neighbors in adherence to long-standing core American values.

May the new year be a fulfilling one for our county without the unexpected drama of past years, but with hope for better times.

Thanks to each of you and all county employees for your public service of this past year.